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Music Scholarships Awarded

Beginning In 2008, Oklahoma’s International Bluegrass Festival Board of Directors awarded over $10,000.00 in music scholarships to 21 young people. Scholarship winners came from Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Colorado and Tennessee. In addition to receiving a financial scholarship, each of the winners was invited to perform at the festival. The performances of the Scholarship winners are always a crowd favorite.

The successful winners submitted a DVD taped performance showing their skill on guitar, fiddle, mandolin or banjo. Jim Garling, Scholarship Committee head stated that each of these winners showed amazing talent and were to be commended on their musical skills.

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The funding to award the scholarships comes from money earned at the annual Oklahoma’s International Bluegrass Festival, held the first weekend in October in Guthrie. The O.I.B.F. is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation whose mission is to bring music, especially Bluegrass, to as many youngsters as possible. Additional funding comes from corporate and private foundation sources as well as the Oklahoma Arts Council.

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